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About The Loud Factory, Our Owners and Management

The Loud Factory is a Minority owned LLC established in New Jersey. The Loud Factory was established with the intent of becoming the next big cannabis brand and revolutionizing the cannabis industry in New Jersey. Our goal is to bring consistent premium quality cannabis and top level cannabis education to our end consumers. While cannabis is what we do now, it is not all that our company has to offer. Head to the "Future of The Loud Factory" page to learn more about what we have planned for the future of our company. 

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The Owners

Lael LaFortune 

Who We Are?

Lael La Fortune, 24, is the co-founder of The Loud Factory and founder of Astro Lou. Lou is Chief Marketing Officer for all of The Loud Factory and he also is the acting Creative Content Director. Lou works to ensure that all of our physical merchandise and consumer outreach meet The Loud Factory's exceptionally high standards. Additionally, Lou is one of the main creative minds that handle all of our strain naming and packaging.

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William Colon 

William Colon, 23, is the founder of Will's Weed and one of the co-founders of The Loud Factory. Will is the Chief Executive Officer for The Loud Factory. Will works to make sure that all of The Loud Factory is working to its fullest potential and creating the highest quality products, in the correct ways. Will over sees the day to day operations within The Loud Factory Cannabis Cultivation & Manufacturing Facilities.


Chris Lominy 

Chris Lominey, 25, is the founder of Lo's Lab and co-founder of The Loud Factory. Lo is the head of The Loud Factory Finance Department. He manages all of our in house accounting and is our acting Sales Transaction Manager, with assistance from Jordan Ellis as assistant Sales Manager. In addition to this, during Phase 2, continuing with the transition to Phase 3, Lo will be take control of The Loud Factory's venture into the music industry by running Loud Factory Records. The Loud Factory Record Label will be a sister company of TLF Entertainment (TLF ENT). 

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Jordan Ellis 

Jordan Ellis, 23, is the founder of Te3 Up and the Chief Operating Officer of The Loud Factory. Jordan is also the Assistant Manager of Sales, as well as acting Co-Head Grower with Will until the position is formally filled. Jordan's main focuses for The Loud Factory are to oversee the Cultivation Operations as well as ensure cohesive transactions between our Cultivation and Manufacturing Operations.

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