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Frequently Asked Questions

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Does The Loud Factory Sell to the Public?

No. The Loud Factory is a Conditional Micro Class 1 Cannabis and hopeful Micro Class 2 license holder in New Jersey and can only sell cannabis flower whole to dispensaries and cannabis manufacturers once fully licensed. If you want to purchase The Loud Factory Cannabis, visit our "Buy Our Cannabis" tab for more information.

Are You hiring?

Unfortunately, we are not looking to fill any positions at this time. However, we will be looking to fill some new positions that we will be creating in the coming months. For updates on that join our news letter!

Do we allow tours of our facility?

Currently, we are not allowing any public tours of our facility for legal and liability reasons. We have weekly Vlogs that we post to YouTube that depicts the day to day operations of our business, and we encourage those who wish to visit us to watch those videos. You can subscribe and follow us on Instagram for more updates about the potential of public tours in the future.

Are we looking for investors at this time?

We are currently in our Friends and Family round of funding. We are only accepting investment from very specific individuals and entities at this time. For more information about that reach out to us using the Contact Us Tab in the menu. 

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