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The TLF Road map

Our Phases to Success

At The Loud Factory, we have laid out 5 Phases that we will go through in order to achieve our goal of getting open by the summer of 2024!


Phase 1 - The Foundation

Phase 1 is all about creating a solid foundation for our cannabis brand and our online content. We want to focus heavily on acquiring our Location and funding necessary for us to move forward on the right foot when starting our operations. 


Phase 2 - The Building Blocks

Phase 2 will be bringing our plans to life. This phase where be when we mobilize the plans and strategies laid out in Phase 1 in order to acquire all necessary permits and licenses needed to commence our operations. We begin building the foundations of our brand and what it means to be LOUD!


Phase 3 - Get LOUD

Phase 3 will be the phase that we will be ready to begin our operations. By this point we will have our location secured, licenses in the works and be moving full steam ahead into the build out phase. With the foundations of our brand image being created in Phase 2, we want Phase 3 to carry a focus on networking. We are hoping the networking and interactions done in this phase will allow us to create a solid team of individuals surrounding The Loud Factory to ensure that we are achieving the success we know we are capable of. 


Phase 4 - Get Open

Phase 4 will be the phase where we brush up on all of our plans and operating procedures. We want to take this time to make sure that we have everything completely in place while we go through the build out process so that we can hit the ground running with our licenses to Cultivate and Manufacture Cannabis Products! We will have a side mission during this phase of strengthening our outreach on internet and social media platforms. This will be our final preparations to ensure we are ready for the market. We want to make sure that everyone across the world has the opportunity to be LOUD!


Phase 5 - TLF Take Over 

Phase 5 will be our grand opening of our Cannabis Operations! We will provide various assortments of Cannabis Products from

freshly harvested flower and pre rolls to edibles and vaporizer devices. We want to get our products in as many dispensary locations as we can and we want to be responsible for producing some of the biggest brands in the NJ Cannabis Industry. We will be in full swing with our Internet and Social Media content as well as our LOUD branded Merchandise. We will achieve this Phase by successfully providing our all Customers with the HIGHest Experience. 

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