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Last Call for Loud


We are still raising start up capital for our ventures through friends and family funding. Our first investor event successfully raised $142,000. Our goal is to raise an additional $360,000 to perform the items required to get our businesses open. The state is quoting that it takes $1,000,000 to open a Cannabis Business, but we have found a way to open TWO Cannabis Businesses for half of the cost of one business. 

There is currently more than five retail businesses for everyone one cannabis cultivator that is operational. The New Jersey Cannabis Industry is set to hit one billion dollars in revenue in the next two months. We are still early enough to be one of the most well known Cannabis brands in the state and get a piece of the green rush, but we need your help to get our vision to the market. 

When: Saturday April 20th, 2024 @ 6pm

Where: 1702 Mt Holly Rd. Burlington, NJ

              eXp Realty Office

RSVP: Tre Trentmen 


What is The Loud Factory?

The Loud Factory is a lifestyle brand established by our founders to become one of New Jersey's top Cannabis Brands. TLF is all about premium quality over overwhelming quantity. We want the best products that leave our consumers wanting more.

By focusing on production and wholesale, our founders want to stamp our brand in the industry before we take retail by storm!

We are positioned for exponential growth as far as our ability to scale our business to make the Loud Factory all that it can be. 

Our Site

Our site in Southern, New Jersey has been approved for our operations by local authorities. We have begun our renovations and all work is set to be completed by the end of June. 


We have both debt and capital investment opportunities for potential investors looking for an alternative investment like Cannabis. The Cannabis Industry in New Jersey will surpass 1 Billion dollars in revenue in the next two months and we have a way for you to get involved in it. We are looking to raise $360,000 and we are offering equity stakes in our business with extremely high return potential. All investors are required to submit background check forms complaint the NJ CRC Regulations. 

Cannabis Investment Options

Cultivation Capital Investment

Capital Investment in our cultivation entity gives you the opportunity to own a piece of a premium Cannabis producer. 

Cultivation Debt Financing

Debt financing with Cultivation allows you to capitalize on the returns of growing Cannabis. 

Manufacturing Capital Investment

Capital investment in our Cannabis Manufacturing offers steadily growing returns on your investment. 

Manufacturing Debt Financing

Debt financing with our Manufacturing entity offers a low profile way to get involved with the Cannabis Industry. 

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